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How CIA controls OSA and How OSA controls the Freezone

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How CIA controls OSA and How OSA controls the Freezone


This 30 pages booklet on \"How CIA controls OSA and How OSA controls the Freezone\" is a writeup on a talk with an OSA-Executiv, who recruited 100s of agents to infiltrate the \"enemy of the church\": Freezone and the Critics like anonymous.

This text is very revealing and should at least be read by every auditor and every course supervisor in the field. It is a question of your survival: you should know the danger you are in to avoid being \"handled\".

The $10 fee for the pdf-booklet is on one hand meant as a filter against too wide spreading of this enturbulative data. Only professional will pay this fee. On the other hand: the income from this booklet will encourage the author to publish more about his findings on the suppression and control of Scientology. - Issued on the 100th birthday of L. Ron Hubbard by the Free Scientologists in Switzerland.

Here you can find the free 8-pages part of the booklet:


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Author Andreas Groß
ISBN Keine Angabe
Vortragssprache English
year of publication 2011


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