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CoS: OCA-Handbuch für Testauswerter

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CoS: OCA-Handbuch für Testauswerter


OCA-Handbüchlein für Testauswerter, ein Ein Scientology-Lehrheft mit 26 Seiten in Deutsch von 1987.

Der Autor Ray Kemp schrieb über dieses Büchlein u.a.:

Since I was in USA by this time, my copyright was file at the US Copyright Office as an update of the earlier edition.

In 1970 I went on a tour of various countries' orgs, examining their testing department, and was horrified at the scene. Tests had been wrongly translated, questions had been changed "Because some questions contradict others", or "We changed that because it made people think about the answer", and I reported this to Ron when I got to Flag.

He was very upset and asked me to write the definitive book on testing, which I did, with editing help from Tom Morgan, my then Organizing Officer. This book, "Scientometric Testing", went out to many Franchise organizations, but caused havoc in the Church Organizations who protested and as a resul succeeding in getting Issue Authority banning the book.

Realize that by this time Ron had lost control of his whole organization anyway, and was being fed just what information the new management wanted him to have. 



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Author Ray Kemp
ISBN Keine Angabe
Vortragssprache Deutsch
year of publication 1987


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